What’s my job?

Have you always wonder what a family researcher does?

I will take you on a journey about my job and will tell you some stories of my work, give you some helpful hints for your research and show you where I am while working.

I will post short texts and videos and hope you will join me and my work.

For the beginning I can tell you that I am not sitting at my desk the whole day. I travel a lot, am a lot outside or in archives and I visit inspirational places to figure out new approaches, e.g. if a case gets difficult. Sometimes you just have to be creative.

You can also find helpful information on

Instagram: @svengrewelfamily

Facebook: Sven Grewel Family Research & Genealogy

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Take a picture

Take the picture in your hand and turn it around. Suddenly the world can change…

Make them happy!

There is always a next family gathering. Let’s meet the family!

Talk to them!

What is better than a written source? Exactly! A living source…
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