What’s my job?

Have you always wonder what a family researcher does?

I will take you on a journey about my job and will tell you some stories of my work, give you some helpful hints for your research and show you where I am while working.

I will post short texts and videos and hope you will join me and my work.

For the beginning I can tell you that I am not sitting at my desk the whole day. I travel a lot, am a lot outside or in archives and I visit inspirational places to figure out new approaches, e.g. if a case gets difficult. Sometimes you just have to be creative.

You can also find helpful information on

Instagram: @svengrewelfamily

Facebook: Sven Grewel Family Research & Genealogy

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Letters, Spelling, Nightmare!

Spelling can be a nightmare especially when the name you are looking for is spelled in lots of variations…
Case Studie

It is time to turn the page

You will never know what to find if you do not turn the page.

Names can be a nightmare !

Do not just trust a name because it is similar to the one you are looking for…
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