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During one of my searches I was very lucky that my client was able to provide me with a diary full of travel records. It was a great source of cultural insights of the late 19th century. The person that wrote the diary was wealthy enough to travel to a lot of countries, like Namibia (which then was a German colony) or Northern Africa and the Middle East. It was so great to see these countries through the eyes of a traveller and the thoughts he had when he travelled there. Lots of the entrances in the diary are definitely not politically correct, but I think they help to understand how people (here a man from the upper class) were educated during those times and gave them the feeling that they were ‘better’ than others. This was really a very interesting and helpful insight.

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Merry Christmas

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It’s almost Christmas!

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They used to write long letters…

A love letter or a letter to a friend or family. No matter what kind of letter…
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