Names can be a nightmare !

Names can really make it hard. Not only in Germany, but all over the world. Only in the last century, however, there is a greater variety in first names. This means that, for example, names from other countries are increasingly appearing in Germany as well. This was not always so. In the past, people fell back on a much smaller selection of names and often combined them in new ways. It is not uncommon to find an ancestor with 3 or more first names and maybe someone in the family who is called exactly the same or where only one letter was changed. So if you come across someone whose name is only similar to the one you are looking for, you should be careful and definitely try to find other sources as well.


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Letters, Spelling, Nightmare!

Spelling can be a nightmare especially when the name you are looking for is spelled in lots of variations…
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It is time to turn the page

You will never know what to find if you do not turn the page.

Names can be a nightmare !

Do not just trust a name because it is similar to the one you are looking for…
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