Letters, Spelling, Nightmare!

The best example of a spelling nightmare is probably one of the most common last names in Germany:

Meier or Maier? Or Mayer, Meyer, Mair, Meir, Mayr, Meyr. Or whatever.

It gets even more difficult if there are additional variations in another language as well: e.g. in English: Myer, Myers.

One should always pay close attention to how a name is spelled. Even a small change in the name can lead one on the trail of a completely different family.

Likewise with first names: Wilhelmine or Wilhelmina, Julie or Julia, etc.


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Letters, Spelling, Nightmare!

Spelling can be a nightmare especially when the name you are looking for is spelled in lots of variations…
Case Studie

It is time to turn the page

You will never know what to find if you do not turn the page.

Names can be a nightmare !

Do not just trust a name because it is similar to the one you are looking for…
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