It is time to turn the page

Sometimes turning the page is exactly what research needs. I was at a dead end and didn’t know how to proceed. The famous brick wall. So I took a step back and thought of another way to reach my goal. I took out all the documents again and searched them (offline and online). I came back to an arrival list/passenger list and realized that the uploaded document was not in the correct order. So I turned page after page and suddenly there it was: Birthplace. From there I was able to find birth records in church records and more family members.


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Letters, Spelling, Nightmare!

Spelling can be a nightmare especially when the name you are looking for is spelled in lots of variations…
Case Studie

It is time to turn the page

You will never know what to find if you do not turn the page.

Names can be a nightmare !

Do not just trust a name because it is similar to the one you are looking for…
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