I follow in the footsteps of your ancestors between the North Sea and the Alps
I am looking for traces of your family in Germany. Where did your family live? How did they come to your country or are there still relatives living in Germany?
During the search, I search professional databases, work on-site in archives of churches and communities and thus find the missing pieces of your family puzzle.
In the process, I often discover previously unknown details of the living conditions, occupations and everyday life in the places where your ancestors lived in the respective time.
Sometimes people simply disappear from the scene. With others there are often only vague clues, for example that they emigrated or were on the run because of a war. I can also help in such cases.

Find an heir

If someone dies and there are no known relatives, an heir or heiress must be found. Looking into the past helps to uncover family relationships and determine legitimate claims.

Deciphering documents

Grandmother’s diary or great-grandfather’s military passport are often written in old German script (Sütterlin, Kurrent or such) and are difficult to read. I decipher them for you.


Your personal information is safe with me, as I treat it confidentially according to the German Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO).
The first step: Just send me a message.

We make an appointment for a free and non-binding conversation, e.g. via phone, FaceTime, Skype or Zoom, where I answer all your questions and we discuss together how to proceed.

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