Every detail helps!

…. ‘and I think he was a member of a German shooting club’…

This was a hint from one of my clients that helped me to find evidence of a person and to make sure that I was on the right way.

I searched for shooting clubs in the area of the research and I got in touch with them. Fortunately, most of them were willing to help me and allowed me to have a look at their annual picture collections. And there it was, a picture with a person on it that had the same name as the one I was looking for. They had a look in their register and found more information on him. 120 years after his death I was able to finally find evidence and thanks to the club we suddenly had birth date, a birth location, an old address and much more interesting bits.

So, every detail counts!


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It is time to turn the page

You will never know what to find if you do not turn the page.

Names can be a nightmare !

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