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Take a picture

It can be so simple sometimes. For days you search for certain people, dates or places and you just can’t find anything about them or can’t prove anything in writing. And then a photo falls into your hands and on the back suddenly reveals the solution to the riddle. Many of our ancestors left notes …

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Make them happy!

Make them happy! Family is a treasure full of stories, pictures and data. There is so much that we know. But also much that we don’t know. And most of the time, not everyone in the family is aware of where they came from or what there is to discover. That’s why family celebrations are …

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Talk to them!

In the past, families were not uncommonly very large. That is, it may well be that your relatives had many family members. And, of course, that they knew many family members! An old uncle? The sister of the grandmother? A cousin? And they are still alive? That’s fantastic! Then you should definitely talk to them, …

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Let’s read some news

Lots of thanks to the Albertaner, a German Canadian newspaper in Canada. They published my article in their March issue. You can find the article here (it is in German): Scroll down to “aktuelle Ausgabe” (-> page 5)   You can also follow me on Instagram: @svengrewelfamily Facebook: Sven Grewel Family Research & Genealogy

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