About Me

You can call me Sven
I have been researching family histories for more than ten years
It all started with my own ancestors. For example, no one in my family knew that my great-grandfather served a year and a half in the penitentiary – innocently.

These are stories that always drive me to find out more about my family and others too.
In my work, it also helps that I previously worked as a senior project manager in the field of market research, where depth of research, perseverance in finding sources and meticulousness as well as language skills are also important. I am proficient in English, French and Chinese. My knowledge of Latin helps me with translations of church book entries. At the moment I am also learning Danish.

My own roots are in Bavaria, where I was born in 1978. Via Cologne, Xiamen (China) and Berlin I finally came to Kiel. I like to travel, read historical books and do sports.
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