I support you to bring color into
your family history!
Are you looking for your ancestors from Germany?

Are there any family secrets you would like to uncover?

Are there gaps in your family tree? Where did your great-great grandparents live?
What did they do for a living? When did they get married?

Find out more about earlier generations in your family. In some cases, I can trace them back for centuries – as far as the 30 Years War.

With genealogy, answers to these questions can often be found:
People leave traces and with research and persistence you can find these traces.

Find out for free and without obligation what I can do for you:
I bring colour into the history of your family.
If you too want to learn more about your family, then I will help you.
In every family there are exciting stories, be it an origin, a profession, a trial or something else.
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Hi. i’m Sven

Genealogy is my passion. And I have made this passion my profession. I look forward to helping you on your journey through your family history.
Old photos are grey and sometimes dark, even if the sun is shining on them. And often we think that way about the stories behind them. But behind every photo is a colourful story, sometimes in darker, sometimes in lighter colours.
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What is better than a written source? Exactly! A living source…
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